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Social Skills Play Groups

Social Skills Play Groups


The Play Strong Institute offers a range of play-based social skills groups for children, ages 3-12, who would enjoy a fun, engaging, yet small and secure group to practice and learn foundations of play, communication and friendships.

Meet new friends, share ideas, show your caring, and find ways of working together! These are essential social, emotional, and developmental aspects of positive peer and sibling relationships. Friends help us get and stay connected – they are people we can count on when we’re sad, stressed or lonely. Friends make our world happier!

Your child may join a play group of similar peers based on age, developmental needs, social-emotional skill level, personalities, common interests. To address different needs, we offer individualized peer pairing with just two children together, as well as different levels of social skills groups for up to six children per group with two Play Group Therapists. A brief introductory meeting with you, your child, and one of our experienced Play Group Therapists helps us to recommend the best place to start for your child. Parents are welcome to attend and observe their child’s group.

Our play groups are facilitated by Licensed and Associate level therapists with expertise in social-emotional development across a wide range of children and their developmental needs. We use child-centered, play-based, DIR/Floortime strategies to build your child’s social relationships and foundational skills of attention/focus, sensory processing and emotional regulation as the building blocks of social readiness.

We start with your child’s interests as a springboard to new experiences, develop imaginative and creative thinking in play, try out new ways of sharing and communicating, notice how others are feeling, negotiate and make choices.


Play groups and peer pairing run on a continuous schedule, so you are welcome to join at anytime. 10-weeks’ attendance / commitment to being part of a group is recommended to ensure greater skill-building and friendship formation.


All of our play groups are offered at the Play Strong Institute, 1021 East Walnut Street #200, Pasadena 91106.

To Join a Play Group, Learn More about Schedule and Cost:

Contact Program Coordinator, Georgie Wisen-Vincent, LMFT RPT-S at (562) 201-7444 or