Therapeutic Companions

Therapeutic Companions


We're offering a Therapeutic Companion Program! Using a child-centered, developmental model, our highly trained Therapeutic Companions focus on helping children feel safe and secure in the classroom, and come from a relationship-based perspective. Kids who feel calm and connected with a dependable adult are more receptive to learning new social, emotional and behavioral strategies. This improves academic focus, school performance, and your child’s confidence and love for learning.

Our Master’s and Doctoral level Associate therapists use evidence-based approaches such as DIR/Floortime to build a warm, caring relationship, using your child’s strengths and unique interests as a springboard for focused, goal-directed 1:1 support in school or at home. Oversimplified behavioral interventions are often not specific enough to treat the kinds of challenges arising from each child’s unique developmental profile. That’s why we tailor each interaction to help your child move up the social-emotional developmental ladder in a positive direction.

Our highly attuned therapists work with the family, school, and interdisciplinary support teams to enhance your child’s optimal growth and development. We don’t wait for problems to unfold, instead we proactively address the building blocks of healthy development: attention/focus, sensory processing, emotional regulation, social and friendship skills, self-care, independence and self-esteem. We believe behavior is not something to be punished and eliminated: it is a means of communicating which skills still need to be developed. Once the skills are in place, children can let go of behavioral patterns that haven’t been working.

We also use positive supports and coaching to assist parents, educators and schools to be more effective in recognizing the needs underlying behavior and responding to your child’s developmental needs as collaborative partners.

If you are interested in working with a Therapeutic Companion:

Contact Program Coordinator, Georgie Wisen-Vincent, LMFT RPT-S at (562) 201-7444 or