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Georgie Wisen-Vincent

Jennifer Tran, ASW

Loma Linda University

Jennifer Tran is an Associate Clinical Social Worker who believes that play is a vitally important part of every child's life and creative engagement is where she starts with each new child and family. Jennifer received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from University of California, Riverside (UCR) and briefly studied abroad and attended the University of Melbourne, Australia. At the University of Melbourne, Jennifer pursued additional clinical training in play and art therapy at a community art center. Jennifer then completed her Masters in Social Work and Play Therapy Certification from Loma Linda University.

Jennifer thrives in her work when she can integrate the creative arts with sound approaches in research-based therapy approaches and strategies to lower stress, increase positive coping, and address behavior challenges that occur at home and school. She has worked with children struggling with frustration and emotional meltdowns, worries and stress about school and unexpected family changes, adjustment issues to new transitions that feel overwhelming at first, and the emotional toll of chronic illness and medical issues in the family. Growing up with asthma herself, Jennifer understands how chronic illnesses can add an additional source of worry and stress to the whole family, as well as physical pain and discomfort, that can interfere with school, self-esteem, peer relationships, and just feeling "normal". Jennifer offers a place for children to express the stress, using bottom-up, body-based therapies, art, music and movement.

Jennifer has experience working across a range of childhood and adolescent issues ages 6-18 including sadness, low motivation, irritability and depression, high sensitivity, anxiety and stress, low frustration tolerance, tantrums, and meltdowns that would be improved by helping children find words to express their bigger emotional states and calm their fears and anger. Jennifer also has extensive experience supporting new parents as a Medical Social Worker with the transition from hospital to home.

In her free time, Jennifer can be found going to music festivals, traveling, watching movies, online shopping, or trying food from exotic and newly discovered local restaurants.

Specialized training/education in:

  • Play Therapy Certificate
  • Perinatal Mood Disorders
  • Inpatient Hospital Experience